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ARDB v2.8 - Twilight Rebellion

Hi All,

The Windows and Open Suse 10.3 versions of Ardb Version 2.8.0
is available for download.

This version:

- Adds the cards for Twilight Rebellion

To add cards images for sets prior to Twilight Rebellion download

To add cards images for Twilight Rebellion download

Under Windows extract the folder "cardimages" and move it to where
ever ardb.exe is installed. e.g. If ardb.exe is installed into c:\ardb
copy the "cardimages" folder to there. You may wish to remove any
previous cardimages folder to save disk space.
Extract the foler tr from and copy it to "cardimages".

Under Suse follow the instructions in the ardb2.8suse10.3.tar.gz.

The other Linux versions will be updated once the Linux maintainers
have built them. I will announce them when available.


Card images:

Thanks to Sven for sorting out the Open Suse build and the card

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