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Mistress Fanchon and Sonja Blue go together

Hi there!
It's been a while, since someone posted anything in this community, so I'm not really expectig a lot of comments here (thou the more, the better).

Since I saw Mistress Fanchon in the preview of KoT I was dreaming to make a deck with her. So now, after a few days of thinking and designing, I present to you my idea of a deck (thou I should probably mention, that quite a few ideas were offered by corvis_linda)

So here goes:

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 43, Avg: 7.66)
1 Dr. John Dee chi ANI AUS DOM THA9 Tremere
2 Gabrielle di Righetti obf pot ANI AUS DOM THA10 Tremere
3 Mistress Fanchion AUS CEL DOM OBF THA VIC11 Tremere
6 Sonja Blue dom pot CEL FOR PRE5 Ventrue

Library: (90 cards)
Master (24 cards)
1 Academic Hunting Ground
1 Arcane Library
1 Archon Investigation
2 Effective Management
1 Giant`s Blood
4 Information Highway
1 Pentex Subversion
6 Social Ladder
3 Vessel
4 Villein

Action (6 cards)
4 Govern the Unaligned
2 Rutor`s Hand

Action Modifier (9 cards)
1 Enkil Cog
4 Mirror Walk
4 Telepathic Vote Counting

Political Action (8 cards)
1 Alastor
1 Ancient Influence
4 Parity Shift
1 Political Stranglehold
1 Reins of Power

Reaction (14 cards)
4 Deflection
3 On the Qui Vive
4 Second Tradition: Domain, The
3 Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (22 cards)
5 Apportation
5 Liquefy the Mortal Coil
5 Rego Motus
5 Theft of Vitae
2 Torrent

Equipment (4 cards)
1 Ankara Citadel, Turkey, The
1 Bowl of Convergence
1 Helicopter
1 Ivory Bow

Event (1 cards)
1 Fueled by Heart`s Blood

Combo (2 cards)
2 Resist Earth`s Grasp

This deck was last saved at 16:22:16 on 2008.12.23
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