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Looking to Sell a Small Jyhad Collection

Hey folks,

I'm looking to sell a small collection of original Jyhad cards, all except for one in Mint/Near Mint condition. You'll need to cover shipping which I'll work out tomorrow (prefer to US/Canada only). Full list is an an Excel file at: I'll even throw in my paperback. Here's a quick summary of what I've got:

Mint to Near-Mint Condition
78 Vampire Personalities
255 Commons
9 Vampire Library Cards (Green backs)
18 Rare - 9xR, 9xR2
72 Uncommon - 48xU, 24xU2
432 Total Cards

"The Eternal Struggle: A Players Guide to the Jyhad" (Paperback in Good Condition)

I wanted to offer it to the peeps in LJ first before going to EBay. Prefer payment via PayPal.

Send me a note directly if interested with an offer and I'll send a pic of some of the collection directly back (I gotta take it We can work out details outside of the thread.


And sorry in advance if I've violated any rules here on the board...didn't see anything forbidding sales posts.
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