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selling HUGE collection of cards

Hey there! I've been collecting and playing V:tes for a long time, and I have cards all good condition ranging from a Sabbat to the sword of caine expansion.

I basically was buying a box of each over time and slowly was unable to play anymore. This is the two best kept boxes of cards. (I have some unplayed cards, but I can't find them right now.)

I'm moving and I'd like to recoup some money for that. And also lighten the load.

I don't have a definitive list, but I can check for things if someone's really desperate to know if I have one or two cards.

I'm asking for $300 or best offer at this point.
Please make offers that you think are fair/make sense.

I'll pay for shipping which might be around 50 bucks for this huge box I have.

There's more than 3000 cards in these two boxes, and all the cards from the boxes you see (pre made decks) are in the boxes.

Please PM me or you can comment on LJ.
See the group of cards here:

I'd rather them go to a really passionate player, but I'm putting them up on ebay soon.

***I'm also throwing in a large print of a sexy vamp girl from the creator of DAWN, Joseph Michael Linsner. It's signed by the creator and is valued at $30.

Let me know if you're interested! Thanks so much!
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