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Mash Together TWO Nosferatu Antitribu Starter Decks from Black Hand and give advice on additions

Crypt (12 cards)

Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit 7 ani cel OBF POT
(Beast cannot play action cards. He cannot have or use equipment or retainers.
Beast may enter combat with any ready minion controlled by another Methuselah
as a (D) action. +1 strength.)
Cailean 10 Archbishop ANI dom OBF POT PRE
(Each round of combat, before range is determined, Cailean can set the range
for that round. If he does so, skip the Determine Range step for that round.)
Calebos 8 Bishop ANI cel OBF POT
(+1 strength)
Christianus Lionel, The Mad Chronicler 6 ANI OBF pot
(While Christianus is ready, your hand size is increased by 1.)
Dani 2 ani
Ingram Frizer 6 ani AUS OBF pot
(Black Hand)
Josef 4 ani obf obt
Kendrick 7 Priscus ANI aus obf POT
(If Kendrick is ready during your master phase, you may look at a card at random
from your prey's hand. If it is a political action card, you prey discards it.)
Olivia 5 Bishop OBF POT vic
Teresita, The Godmother 7 ANI for OBF POT
(Black Hand Seraph. Teresita gets +1 intercept against Camarilla vampires.)
Tock 4 obf pot pre
Yong-Sun, Harmonist 10 Cardinal ANI aus OBF POT THA
(Advanced. Yong-Sun gets +X bleed, where X is the number of vampires in the
target Methuselah's ash heap.)

Library (77 cards)

Master (11)
2 Blood Doll
1 Creep Show
(Master: archetype. Trifle. Put this card on a Sabbat vampire you control.
Once per turn, when a minion opposing this vampire in combat dodges or
ends combat as a strike, this vampire gains 1 blood from the blood bank.
A vampire can have only one archetype.)
2 Fame
1 Nosferatu Kingdom
2 Shakar
(1 pool. Master. Put this card on a Black Hand vampire. This Black Hand
vampire can enter combat with any younger non-Black Hand vampire as a (D)
action. A vampire can have only 1 Shakar.)
1 Shanty Town Hunting Ground
1 Steam Tunnels
1 Vox Senis
(Unique master. Put this card in play. Each Methuselah gets 1 additional vote
during each referendum. Alternately, during a referendum, you can discard
this card from your hand as an out-of-turn master to gain 3 votes in that referendum.)

Action Modifier (10)
2 Elder Impersonation
4 Faceless Night
4 Swallowed by the Night

Reaction (10)
3 Cats' Guidance
5 Guard Dogs
2 Pack Tactics

Combat (25)
2 Behind You!
3 Carrion Crows
1 Disarm
3 Drawing out the Beast
2 Increased Strength
2 Mighty Grapple
1 Song in the Dark
2 Song of Serenity
2 Taste of Vitae
3 Thrown Gate
4 Thrown Sewer Lid

Action (10)
5 Ambush
1 Blood Feast
2 Blooding
(+1 stealth action. Requires a ready Sabbat vampire. Put this card on the acting vampire
and move 1 blood from the blood bank to this vampire. This Sabbat vampire is Black Hand.
A vampire can have only 1 Blooding.)
1 Brick Laying
(pot - (D) Burn a haven on an ally or younger vampire, or tap an ally or younger vampire.
POT - As above, and inflict 1 damage on that minion.)
1 War Party

Ally (3)
1 Courier
2 Marijava Thuggee
(2 pool. Ghoul with 3 life, 1 strength, 1 bleed. Requires a ready Black Hand vampire.
The thuggee can play cards requiring basic Obfuscate as a vampire. He can inflict 1
damage on a ready vampire as a (D) action. During your untap phase, if the number
of thuggees you control is greater than the number of Black Hand vampires you control,
tap all the thuggees you control.)

Equipment (4)
1 Laptop Computer
1 Leather Jacket
2 IR Goggles

Retainer (4)
1 Owl Companion
3 Raven Spy

remember all numbers are double
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