fullofspite (fullofspite) wrote in vtes,


Hello all,

I'm a vtes player from Denver, CO. Been playing for about two years. Sadly no nationals for me this year, I've had to work during the local qualifiers. And I missed the final table at the one I managed to get to by one vp. I travel to Chicago a few times a year, anyone know of any games out that way?
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Games in Chicago are currently held most of the time in my apartment, actually. Although the Prince might start hosting before long in his new place.

When is likely to be your next visit?
I'll be in town next week but between work and helping my folks out (installing and explaining a wireless network) I don't think I'll have any time. I do plan on visiting near Christmas and sometime in the spring as well. I stay in Elgin when I'm out if you're familiar with that area.
I am; Elgin is waaaay out in the burbs. (I'm literally a half-dozen blocks off the lakefront.)