Jeff (landofcleves) wrote in vtes,

Falling into a ton of cards.

Hello all,

I just came in possession of a ton of Jyhad and VTES cards (perhaps 7000)... Essentially, I used to play a lot a while ago and our whole group took a dive, however all the cards ended up at one of my buddies house. Well, now that buddy gave them to me and I was curious if these were worth anything. There are at least 3 near full sets ( i think there is only one monocle of clarity for instance) of Jyhad then a bunch of cards from the other sets, up through Sabat i think... Less cards in the later sets.

So, I am looking for some advice. If i wanted to off load them what do you think the best way to do it would be? Sell common and uncommon sets, singles for the rares, or just dump them as a mass. Also what would you expect me to be able to get in $ per 1000 cards?
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